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Monday, November 20, 2006

Last night I was thinking about my new approach to teaching and I started to panic. I was worried about the changes that I have made to my approach and wondered if I wasn't producing what I have in the past. So I went to my mentor:)

I needed to ask Kristin if she saw a difference between my past students and Anne's past students in her class. I needed to make sure that Anne and I were teaching the same things to the same expected level. Anne and I plan together and we talk a lot about what we expect, and I think we think we have the same expectations of our students. I just needed to make sure that we were sending students to 10th honors with the skills necessary to succeed.

After a relatively long discussion, we (Kristin and I) came to the conclusion that constructivist teaching shouldn't change the learning outcomes expected in classes. I also came to the conclusion that although Anne and I have similar, yet different styles in our teaching, I can be confident that they are being well taught in both classes.

So I am just going to keep truckin' along with the changes I have made and be confident that students are learning as well, if not better than before.


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