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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We finally have something to celebrate. SUCCESS! Yippee!

After three weeks of discussing, analyzing, questioning, arguing, and bringing random ideas into our fishbowl/liveblog discussions on the senses mentioned in Daniel Pink's book A Whole New Mind, I feel like we have finally gotten beyond the surface level and broken through to a much deeper level of thinking.

Prior to today, I was frustrated and sometimes angry. Why couldn't they get it? Some students had diligently prepared to lead discussion, only to be met with dribble when it came to responses. Some of the discussion leaders had come ill prepared, which had lead to a (let's face it) bad discussion. We had made some very scary comparisons when it came to Story, and our discussion with the author on Design went technically well, but lacked depth.

But finally, today, both hours were impressive and delightful to be a part of. I have faith that my students are finally looking beyond the text and really starting to think of the implications of the ideas presented in the book. Hopefully we will continue down this road and dig deeper into what this all means.